Central Housing are committed to finding you a home. We specialise in:

Shared Accommodation

We supply shared accommodation inside a property where individual tenants can have their own rooms and share communal areas such as hallway, lounge, dining area, bathroom and kitchen.

Our support team will be engaged at all times and delivering appropriate levels of support to ensure tenancies are maintained.







Temporary Accommodation

Central Housing provide the opportunity to become a part of a house then providing support so the individual can move on eventually improving confidence to be a part of road and the larger community.









Emergency Accommodation

Our team is dedicated in finding individuals quality housing when the unexpected can occur. Our homes are located across central
England and you can contact us to find your ideal property.

Central Housing offer accommodation to the homeless individuals who are 18 and over and meet the eligibility criteria.

  • People who need housing related support
  • People with mild mental issues.
  • People with mild physical disabilities
  • People with mild drug and alcohol issues
  • People with mild learning difficulties

The applicant or the referring agency is informed of our decision to provide supported accommodation.  If the applicant is offered the accommodation, the tenant will accept the support service offered to the tenant and licence agreement.

Our team are committed to helping tenants living together as a community.