“Many people find it difficult to adjust to certain systems or may struggle with tasks on a daily basis.”

Asylum Seekers

Central Housing provide housing support and guidance for people who are resettling in the UK having fled conflict and persecution.

Local Authorities who are participating in Resettlement schemes.

Application? This is just one of the problems people face and without the right support in place individuals lives face devastating consequences. Central Housing are dedicated to help and provide free advice.


In the UK many people are subject to homelessness and the number of people who find themselves on the streets is increasing every year.  Even finding a job is difficult because you require an address for the application, this is just one of the problems people face and without the right support in place individuals lives face devastating consequences.  Central Housing are dedicated to help and free advice.


Poverty affects all people from children to the elderly across communities.  Even though the new universal system has the potential to improve the welfare system, the changes can trap people into poverty.  Also prices of basic essentials have increased leaving people on the breadline.  Our team offer free and confidential advice helping to find the best way forward.

Mental health break down

One in four people are affected by mental health issues each year and can have devastating effect on people’s lives.  Mental health is treatable just like a physical condition and we work with other organisations helping individuals by providing specialist support improving their lives. Furthermore, we provide cognitive behavioural counselling support in our accommodations with people with only mild mental health issues.

Risk of abuse

There are different types of abuse, we at Central Housing support women who have suffered domestic abuse and require quality shared accommodation.

We work with other agencies that can provide the specialist support needed.

Our Charity Support Partners Contact Information

Local Charities

Citizen Advice

Gazette Buildings,
168 Corporation St,
B4 6TF
0344 477 1010 


As-Suffa Institute - OUTREACH PROJECT

156 High Street,
B6 4UX
0121 285 2777


40 Rupert St,
B7 4PS  
0208 550 8822  

Birmingham Mind

17 Graham Street,
B1 3JR

0121 262 3555 

National Debtline

Tricorn House
51-53 Hagley Rd
B16 8TP
0808 808 4000 


71-75 Allcock St,
B9 4DY

0121 772 2483 

Food Banks

Birmingham Central

Birmingham Central Foodbank
Resource Central,
121 Camden Street,
B1 3DJ

Green Lane Food Bank

20 Green Ln,
B9 5DB
0121 713 0080

As Suffa Foodbank

As-Suffa  Foodbank
Arch 22, Lionel St,
B3 1AQ